Cristalleries Girona S.L. was originated back in 1958, when Mr Josep M. Sánchez i Foraster decided to found the company together with two more partners, Lluís Nogué and Josep Valls. 

They set up office on Bisbe Lorenzana street in the town centre, and started work in the small workshop where all their activity took place. Up to 1973, they worked under the name Cristalleries Josep M. Sánchez. That year, the three partners decided to change the name to Cristalleries Girona S.L., our current name.

As a result of the company continuously expanding and growing, larger premises were required. Cristalleries Girona S.L. moved to Carretera de Girona to Sant Feliu Road. This is where we operate from at the present moment. On October 4th, 1958, the company was founded as Mr Monteys sold his business in c/ Lorenzana, 41 in Girona, to employees Josep Sànchez, Josep Valls and Lluís Nogué. The company is family owned, currently managed by the founders’ sons: Xavier Sànchez, Joaquim Valls Glòria Nogué. Throughout the years the company has been updating their premises and machinery. It is now located in the Vila-roja Industrial Estate, Ctra. de St Feliu, 22. Ready for large installation jobs, the company can also handle jobs involving decoration with attention to the smallest details, and the handling of glass panes for private and industrial use. Every sort of job involving glass will be undertaken. The company owns sophisticated machinery and offers qualified personnel backed by years of experience and concern for high standards of workmanship.



Vidres i Miralls Manolo

On the occasion of CRISTALLERIES GIRONA’s fiftieth birthday, with our excellent ongoing commercial relationship and friendship, and your punctuality and fairness in business practices, I wish to congratulate you! Many happy returns!

Castelló Martí 2008 SL

Congratulations on your 50 years! It has been a pleasure being with you throughout some of those years – we put our trust in you at our beginnings in 1988 and proof of that is that we are still together – besides your efficiency and fair business practices, we have also valued the bond of friendship that formed between us which we hope to keep for ever. Congratulations!

Construcciones Metálicas

Congratulations, Cristalleries Girona, on your 50 years. Undoubtedly, we have permanently had a paragon of a commercial relationship and the man-to-man relationship between us has been complemented with an extremely gratifying warmth. Thus have our unforgettable bonds formed. We wish to join you in your happiness with this small token.

Associació Gironina d'Empresàries

The Girona Businesswomen Association wish to congratulate you on the occasion of your company marking the half a century milestone. We are sure that your vision – that of a woman – has made it into such a reputed company in our region. We also wish to thank you for having belonged to our association for such a long time.
Thank you for everything and congratulations!

Pedragosa, SA

Addressed to all the Cristalleries Girona family. Glòria asked me and I am doing my best, so please let me have my say.

50 years are many years – half a century – and that many years ago, your parents and grand-parents founded Cristalleries Girona as I was about five months old only. This business is really a lifetime to the fullest extent of the word. You have a wonderful company, a mature, well established, sensible company, which has become wiser thanks to experience building up as time went by – building up as mistakes were made and goals attained – and working hard throughout.

I will soon have been managing our distribution warehouse in Girona for 20 years. When I joined Pedragosa SA, you had been customers of ours for a long time. All the way through we must have made mistakes and there must have been problems, but when that happened, as when accomplishing goals, I have always found a hand stretched out on the other side, willing to talk and reach an accord. You are one of the few – lesser and lesser in number – whom keeping one’s word and engagements matter to. Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart. Many regards from myself and from everyone working here. 
Pere Masferrer i Mascort Director.

Miralls i Vidres Solar, SA

Nowadays it seems that time goes by very quickly – you just go around the corner and one, two, three, four decades have gone by – and all of a sudden you celebrate 50 years. You stop to think and look back and start to imagine how they must have unloaded glass boards back then. No, they would not have got anything else done that day, what with everyone helping unload the lorry. Mirrors plated by hand – grooves, beveled edges, it was all manual jobs – and no health and safety. Times have changed, we the new generations are managing the company now, we have evolved in the way we work, machinery has made things much easier. But to us you have always been a point of reference, a model to follow. We at Miralls i Vidres Solar will always be grateful for the technical and material support you have been giving us when we started and ever since. Congratulations, Cristalleries Girona, on the 50 years of trust which your customers, suppliers and collaborators have been able to put in you. The Management of Miralls i Vidres Solar, SA. 2008.